Cabin Fever - A Texas Tragicomedy



by Mark Dunn


October 30 - November 21, 2009

Action whirls around one disastrous Memorial Day week end at the Beckle cabin in the Texas hill country. Aubry, his four daughters and Great Aunt Tammy gather there for the first time since Mrs. Beckle's death. Nothing goes right. Aunt Tammy is trapped in the bathroom. Daughter Cesca arrives bearing scars from a round with her abusive husband. Her sister Pidge, on sudden leave from the group home for the emotionally disturbed where she lives, shows up. The Beckles must pull together or the family will self destruct. Their strongest ally is their most alienated member.

Bull in a China Shop  
by C.B. Gilford Comedy
February 26 - March 20, 2010
When a houseful of sweet little old ladies discover that a handsome bachelor lives across the street, they are delighted. When they learn that he is none other than Detective Dennis O'Finn, of Homicide, they are faced with the problem of how to attract his attention. The answer is simplicity itself: a nice, genteel homicide with a cup of tea as the murder weapon. When a brash young woman reporter begins to suspect the truth, she becomes the next target. O'Finn is terribly embarrassed when at last he discovers that he himself is the motive for these madcap goings-on, and, in desperation, manages to solve the case. But the dear old ladies are too fond of him and in the end they turn the tables on him!



Flaming Idiots

by Tom Rooney


April 30 - May 22, 2010

Carl and Phil decide that the ladder to success at the post office is missing a few rungs. They know that big money is waiting for people with entrepreneurial spirit and sound business judgement. They have lots of the spirit but little of the judgement and their new gourmet health food restaurant flounders. Zippy's, a popular cross town spot, has been crowded ever since Cy Manamalancia, a notorious mobster, was shot there and that was over twenty years ago. What if someone could get murdered in their restaurant?




Awards for the 2009-2010 Season
Best Actor - Ron Evans in Flaming Idiots
Best Actress - Dana Morgan in Flaming Idiots
Best Character Actress - Sandi Wolfe in Cabin Fever
Best Character Actor - Bob Siegmann in Flaming Idiots
Best Supporting Actor - Brandon Silberstein in Flaming Idiots
Best Supporting Actress - Peggy Rose in Bull in a China Shop
Best Director - James Gunn for Flaming Idiots
Best Set Design - George Doeltz for Cabin Fever

Director's Awards (for that little something extra):

Ashley Faus for The Fisherman and His Wife
Darcie Lee Grover for Cabin Fever
George Doeltz for The Christmas Mouse
Marian Narveson for Bull in a China Shop
Bezachin Jifar and Steve Corelis for Flaming Idiots

Congratulations to one and all and thank you for a great season!