Auditions 2022-2023

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Spring Show: Tangled Webbs

By Michael Jacot

Directed by Dave Leon

Auditions March 6, 7, 2023@ 7:00PM

Cold read from script. No appts.
Callbacks TBD

Santa Clara Players Theater, 1750 Don Ave., Santa Clara.

Performances: May 19– June 10, 2023

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(5 M, 3 W)
MRS. ERNESTINE WEBB: Matriarch of the incredibly
wealthy Webb family of Boston, a widow. She is in her
50s, spry for her age, and like many in her family, a bit
eccentric. A well-dressed society matron.
ALEX WEBB: Her eldest son, 30 years old. Handsome, well
dressed, befitting the image of the successor to the Webb
empire. Not terribly eccentric, but at times a bit slow in the
FENWICK: The butler. He is a doddering, walking corpse,
about six years older than the average sequoia. He moves
slowly, but has a quick wit, and especially enjoys needling
RHONDA WEBB: Only daughter of the Webb clan, 25
years old. Pretty, but snobbish and acid-tongued, and
extremely greedy.
MILLICENT SWEET: Alex’s fiancée. Cute, pert, always
smiling and cheerful. The perennial Pollyanna. She
dresses in modest styles and is the epitome of the word
“cute.” She is a constant thorn in Rhonda’s side.
ELWOOD WEBB: Youngest of the Webb children, about
22, good-looking. Elwood is wildly insane, living happily in
a world of space wars and rocket ships. He is treated with
condescending good humor by the others, although he
carries a slightly wild look about him.
CHARLES CANTERBURY: Attorney. About 50, with graying
temples. He wears a dark suit and carries with him an air
of good breeding and taste.
DONALD DESMOND (WEBB): A Webb brother between
Alex and Rhonda, lost from the family since birth. He is 28,
and handsome. He dresses casually and has an easy-
going personality.